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Carbon Monoxide Victims

In the news:


12/29 - El Paso, TX - El Paso resident dies in home carbon monoxide poisoning incident

12/21 - Park City, UT - Multiple People Experience Carbon Monoxide Poisoning In Park City Residence

12/21 - Blakely, PA - One dead, more sickened by carbon monoxide in Blakely apartment building

12/15 - Central City, CO - Married Colorado firefighters die of carbon monoxide poisoning in own home, authorities say

12/3 - Delano, MN - Family's warning after teen's tragic death from CO poisoning at Thanksgiving

11/26 - Iredell County, NC - Deputies: 2 women dead from possible carbon monoxide poisoning in camper in Iredell Co.

11/18 - Juniata, MI - Family hospitalized from carbon monoxide poisoning

11/2 - New York, NY - 2 Dead In Apparent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning In Bensonhurst

10/30 - Oklahoma City, OK - Two Oklahomans die from suspected carbon monoxide poisoning

10/27 - Chicago, IL - 2 hospitalized with carbon monoxide poisoning in Gresham

10/11 - Syracuse, NY - Syracuse police detective who had carbon monoxide poisoning has died

9/28 - Wyandatte, MI - Eight seriously ill after carbon monoxide exposure on boat

9/21 - Washington DC - Potentially fatal levels of CO in occupied 2 story home

9/21 - Sylvan beach, NY - Couple staying on boat overnight succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning

9/3 - Lake Charles, LA - 5th family member dies from carbon monoxide poisoning linked to generators after days on life-support

8/28 - Port Arthur, TX - 3 dead, 6 hospitalized in possible carbon monoxide poisoning from generator in Port Arthur

8/24 - Lake Charles, LA - Household of 5 killed by carbon monoxide poisoning linked to generators due to Hurricane Laura

7/27 - Edinburg, TX - Family of 4 dead from generator running in garage during hurricane Hanna

6/9 - Chicago, IL - Off-Duty Chicago Police Officer and 1 other Died In Condo due to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

6/4 - Lake Eufaula, OK - Mom shares warning after son, 9, dies of carbon monoxide poisoning on lake trip

5/26 - Harrisonburg, VA - Family of five rescued from lethal levels of carbon monoxide, malfunctioning gas-fired appliance source

5/25 - Portage, WI - Portage man, officer treated for carbon monoxide poisoning; source unknown

5/24 - Peoria, IL - With one family member revived via CPR, family of 6 and 5 pets evacuated from home after carbon monoxide exposure from pool heater found indoors

5/24 - Lackawanna County, PA - Two women dead, man receives treatment due to CO poisoning; in-home natural gas heater ‘out of water’ believed to be source

5/16 - Mesa, AZ - One family member in critical condition, two others hospitalized from CO poisoning while drinking in garage with car running

5/13 - Horry County, SC - ADT Security phone call notifies 15-person sleepover of unsafe levels of CO in home, family and friends evacuated

5/8 - Des Moines, IA - Man dies of CO poisoning, another treated at hospital after working on HVAC system in garage

5/3 - Austin, TX - Police officer medically retires due to issues related to carbon monoxide poisoning stemming from patrol vehicle in 2017

5/2 - Milwaukee, WI - 16- and 18-year old’s deaths likely from accidental CO poisoning in garage

4/22 - Lincoln, NE - CO leak from generator in building likely cause of CO poisoning of three adults

4/21 - Story County, IO - Three dead from apparent CO poisoning in mobile home

4/20 - Houston, TX - Two dead in apartment after generator causes CO buildup

4/20 - Evansville, IN - Mom, 5-year old daughter dead after leaving car running in attached garage

4/20 - Greensboro, NC - Carolina Thunderbirds hockey player on ventilator after being found unresponsive in vehicle due to unintentional CO poisoning

4/14 - Scottsbluff, NE - Two dead after CO poisoning in storage unit

4/11 - Tulsa, OK - Woman dead from CO poisoning at apartment

4/6 - Washington, DC - Woman dead after CO poisoning from gas stove

3/31 - Cartersville, Georgia: Five kids ‘aged two to 13’ found dead in family apartment when parents arrived home from work

3/17 - Baraga, MI - 2 UP teens who died in vehicle had carbon monoxide poisoning

3/4 - Pine City, MN - Woman dead, man recovering after portable heater in cabin causes CO poisoning

3/2 - Macungie, PA - Dozen taken to hospital after CO poisoning in home, furnace issue suspected

3/2 - NYC, NY - 5 people hospitalized; CO poisoning likely from closed Chinatown restaurant below

3/1 - Carthage, NY - 80 people evacuated from nursing home into 3 degree weather due to CO leak;

2/28 - Bedford County, VA - Firefighters find “dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide”

2/26 - Las Vegas, NV - Coroner's office releases death causes for victims of Alpine Motel fire in Las Vegas

2/26 - Sioux City, IA - Carbon monoxide readings at Sioux City apartment blamed on gas-powered power washer

2/26 - Olivella, Spain - As wildfires worsen, firefighters go high-tech to stay healthy

2/25 - Star Lake, NY - Couple died from carbon monoxide poisoning

2/25 - Thousands in Military Community Poisoned by Carbon Monoxide over a Decade

2/20 - Virginia Beach, VA - Close to 100 evacuated, several treated at hospital after CO leaked for hours at daycare; no detectors were required on site due to VA laws

2/19 - North Yarmouth, ME - 2 workers hospitalized after gas-powered machinery in home under construction causes CO poisoning

2/19 - Little Rock, AR – 4 deaths at North Little Rock home caused by Carbon Monoxide

2/10 - Highland Park, MI - 2 dead, CO poisoning suspected

2/8 - York, PA - 79-year-old woman dead after car left running accidentally

2/5 - Icard, NC - One dead, 2 flown to hospital with CO poisoning from heater in camper

2/1 - Marblehead, MA - School’s hardwired CO detector fails, sends two janitors to hospital

1/30 - Memphis, TN - Memphis middle school evacuated due to suspected CO leak after children showed symptoms

1/30 - Ottowa, CAN - 3 adults, 2 children taken to hospital after CO poisoning in home

1/28 - Donnelly, ID - Carbon monoxide leak at vacation rental sends 25 to hospital

1/27 - New Smyrna Beach, FL - Elderly couple dies after accidentally leaving car running in garage

1/6 - Cumberland County, TN - Three die from apparent CO poisoning from unventilated heater

1/2 - Sioux City, IO - Three taken to hospital, overcome by CO poisoning from generator in home

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