Charon McNabb


I suffered from CO poisoning for 11 years from 3 separate leaks in home appliances. My doctors misdiagnosed the poisoning as a bronchitis, COPD, head injury (TBI), and Alzheimer’s. They prescribed medications to manage my symptoms; at one point I was on 11. 

Once I was correctly diagnosed, I went to a very well know hospital specializing in hard to diagnose/cure cases. After 2-weeks of appointments, they offered little help. They said, “we can’t give you medications because you’ve already had too many and we can’t do surgery. Our only suggestion is a complete life-style change”. This advice led me toward recovery.

Holly Fisher


During the years I was exposed to CO poisoning, I was sick, tired, and irritable. I was a zombie. My once extensive vocabulary seemed to be cut in half and I could no longer talk in full sentences. 

Once CO leaks were discovered and repaired, I started working on recovery. I changed to a clean and nutrient dense diet, eliminated all possible chemicals, took supplements, and reduced stress. Slowly my health improved and I feel like myself again!

I had mistakenly believed only high-levels of CO to be dangerous; not low-levels. We now know that chronic low-level CO poisoning is also very dangerous and often misdiagnosed. That is why I am dedicated to spreading CO safety and helping others avoid this senseless tragedy. If you suspect CO poisoning, don’t wait. Protect your family today. The gas company will come out at no charge to check your appliances and ensure your home is CO safe.