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Carbon Monoxide(CO) Safety Grant 2023

Due December 15, 2023

Resources for Applicants

CO Safety Grant Webinar: What You Need to Know

NCOAA, NASFM, CFSI, and the CO Research Trust hosted a webinar on the Carbon Monoxide Safety Grant managed by the CPSC. We reviewed grant requirements, discussed opportunities to partner with NCOAA on public education on CO safety, and shared the latest in CO alarm technology.


The turnout for the webinar was overwhelming, with over 180 registrants. This seems like a great success considering the extremely tight timeline. Not to mention is was our first webinar! A special thanks to our partners in CO Safety, Butch Browning from NASFM, Michaela Campbell from CFSI, webinar sponsor Tim Corbett from Rely – Knox Safety CO Alarms, and our international partner from the UK - Adrian McConnell from the CO Research Trust. 


We also want to thank Jonathon Midgett and Harvey Kincaid, from the CPSC, for helping support the Q&A session. NCOAA also would like to clarify the CPSC has not partnered with any entity and does not endorse any specific resource, product, or company for the Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention Grant Program.  Applicants may select any options that meet the requirements in the Funding Opportunity Announcement. 

About the Grant

The Zachary and Nicholas Burt Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention Act is named after four-year-old Zachary and 16 month-old Nicholas Burt, who died of carbon monoxide poisoning when the furnace in their family’s home malfunctioned, releasing dangerous levels of CO. The house was not equipped with a CO alarm. Hear their mother, Cheryl Burt, share her powerful, heartbreaking story.

The grant will fund the purchase and installation of CO alarms in residential homes and dwelling units across the US, and up to 25% of the funds may be used toward public education on CO safety.


Preference will be given to applicants who have developed a strategy to protect vulnerable populations, such as children, the elderly, or low-income households, from exposure to unhealthy levels of CO. The funding announcement is expected to be released in fall 2023. 

Use of Grant Funds

  • The total sum of all awards in FY24 will be $2,000,000

  • Individual awards will be between $50,000-$400,000

  • Funds will primarily be used to purchase and install compliant CO alarms 

  • Up to 25% may go toward public education on CO poisoning risks and the importance of CO alarms

  • Funds may be used for the development and dissemination of training materials, instructors, and any other costs relating to authorized training sessions 

Get Help with Your Grant


NCOAA’s vision is an end to injury and death due to carbon monoxide poisoning. We aim to improve health equity and address health disparities; take a data-driven approach to determine our priorities and goals; do the greatest good for the most number of people; foster strong collaborative relationships with partners across all sectors; ensure diverse voices are included, welcomed, respected and heard; and measure the impact of our work through rigorous evaluation.


We've compiled resources and background information for you on this page to assist you in developing your grant proposal. If you are seeking specific information that you cannot find on our website or otherwise, please reach out to Jessica Waddell, Director of Public Health Programs and Development, at


We can also help you design and implement your public education efforts. We will build a curated database of educational videos, social media campaigns, PSAs, webinars, blogs, infographics, and so on. These materials will be tailored to your state's or community's needs. Just write NCOAA in as a community partner in your proposal narrative and budget.

Whether you need printed educational materials on generator safety during hurricane season, a 30-second video PSA on testing your CO alarm's functionality and battery life, or perhaps, an engaging, interactive presentation on the importance of CO alarms in the home, we can help! 

With your input on the community's unique characteristics and experiences, we can create educational materials that speak to their circumstances and needs, that are culturally-relevant, and that are evidence-based.


Want to learn more about how we lend our expertise to your project? Let's meet to explore your needs and discuss your plan.


Upon agreeing to partnership terms, NCOAA will provide you with the following items at least 1 week before the grant submission deadline:

  • a letter of support,

  • a memorandum of understanding (upon request),

  • a price quote for the services discussed, 

  • a 1-page summary of our organizational background, including our qualifications serving diverse populations through public health programming, and

  • a 1-page summary on the services we would be providing through the grant.

Email Jessica Waddell, Director of Public Health Programs and Development, at to start the conversation.

Key Resources on CO Safety


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