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Portable Generator Solutions

Safeguarding Against Carbon Monoxide,

Fire, and Electric Dangers

June 20, 2024 at 12 PM ET / 9 AM PT

This webinar offers a comprehensive exploration of the critical role portable generators play in emergency power supply while emphasizing the importance of safety. This webinar delves into practical strategies and innovative solutions designed to mitigate the risks associated with carbon monoxide poisoning, fire hazards, and electric dangers stemming from generator usage. In this webinar, you will gain invaluable insights into proper generator placement, ventilation requirements, and maintenance practices essential for safeguarding homes and businesses.

Join us to empower yourself with the knowledge and tools necessary to ensure safe and effective portable generator use, protecting lives and properties from potential harm.

  • Common misconceptions in portable generator safety as it pertains to carbon monoxide, fire, and shock hazards.

  • Solutions and actionable steps to mitigate the outlined hazards.

  • Areas of public education and safety messaging that can be advanced and improved, with a toolkit takeaway.



Mark Carpenter GenTent

Mark Carpenter



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