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Join NCOAA for GivingTuesday

At the National Carbon Monoxide Awareness Association (NCOAA), we're excited to be a part of the global movement, GivingTuesday. On November 28, 2023, join us in making a positive impact in our communities and beyond. It's important to note that this month is also Carbon Monoxide Awareness Month. With the onset of the winter season, when instances of CO poisoning rise, our efforts are aimed at educating and protecting our communities.  


Together, let's use our collective generosity to create a safer and healthier world.


Help us make a difference.

Thank you for joining the fight for carbon monoxide safety! Your generous donation helps give a voice to this "silent killer."

According to Consumer Reports, carbon monoxide poisoning (COP) is responsible for almost 50,000 emergency-room visits and 1,200 deaths annually.

These can be prevented.

Our mission at NCOAA is to drive a comprehensive conversation on the public health crisis of chronic and acute carbon monoxide poisoning.

Your donation helps us spread carbon monoxide safety awareness which keeps our families and communities safe.


2023 Accomplishments

Inaugural CO Safety Summit

NCOAA held its inaugural CO Safety Summit from July 31st to August 2nd to great success! The Summit was held in conjunction with the annual Fire Prevention and Safety symposium of the National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM) in Wilmington, North Carolina. At the CO Safety Summit, a wide range of topics surrounding Carbon Monoxide were covered by leaders in many parts of the industry.

Over the three days of the summit, scientific research, the role of responders, personal stories, current safety measures, and data reports were discussed. These topics gave insights into the role of each of the workgroups of NCOAA’s new CO Safety Coalition, which was officially launched at the CO Safety Summit.


CO Safety Coalition Launch 

NCOAA is proud to have launched the Carbon Monoxide Safety Coalition this year. The opening of the Coalition was a feature of the CO Safety Summit in July and August. At this event, the four Coalition Work Groups were presented to attendees by the co-chairs. Also, as the last session of the Summit, the Work Groups hosted roundtables, which focused on identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for the Work Groups as they began their work. This event turned out to be an amazing collaboration of leaders in the CO space.

The Work Groups meet for their first time in November, using the great insights from the Summit Roundtables as they establish their goals for 2024. Total Coalition members already exceed 100 people and include industry leaders and people who are passionate about carbon monoxide safety. With such a great foundation, we look forward to seeing the work that the Work Groups do and the difference that they will make in the prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning. 


Firefighter Training

Because carbon monoxide is produced whenever wood, fuel, or carbon-containing materials are burned, firefighters are at an increased risk due to the nature of their jobs. “Essentially all firefighting environments can be expected to contain high levels of carbon monoxide.” (IAFF, 2021).

NCOAA received a FEMA FP&S grant to develop free carbon monoxide safety training for the one million firefighters in the U.S. This training will be developed, created, and implemented in partnership with the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) and published on the NFFF’s Fire Hero Learning Network. There are more than a million firefighters in the U.S., and each one will have the opportunity to take this training at no cost. By partnering with the National Association for State Fire Marshals (NASFM), we're working to ensure this training becomes a mandatory component of every firefighter's training.

Our partners include: 

  • National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

  • International Fire Chiefs Association

  • National Association of State Fire Marshals

  • National Volunteer Fire Council

  • National Fire Protection Association

  • North American Fire Training Directors

  • coVita

  • National Comfort Institute

  • Crowcon

Office Scene
Firefighter Spraying Hose

2024 Goals

Next Year: Survivor Support

NCOAA is committed to empowering survivors and their families, and to working towards a future where carbon monoxide poisoning is a thing of the past. We are currently sending out recovery kits to help support Carbon Monoxide Poisoning survivors through their recovery.

In 2024, we will take Survivor Support to the next level. Introducing the Survivor Network, the place where survivors and families of victims can connect to share challenges, advise on safety tips, and be each other’s biggest supporters.


Next Year: 2nd Annual CO Safety Summit

The 2nd Annual CO Safety Summit will take place in Kansas City from July 29-31, 2024. We will take this time to hear from experts and leaders to continue to make a difference in Carbon Monoxide Poisoning prevention. We will also hear from the Work Groups to learn about the work they started and what they plan on doing in the year ahead.


We invite you to use the below toolkit to help spread the word about Giving Tuesday and Carbon Monoxide Awareness Month. When you share on social media, please use the hashtag #COawarenessmonth


Thank you for joining the fight for carbon monoxide safety.

Social Media

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Download these social media images, videos, copy, captions, and more. 

Thank you for joining the fight for carbon monoxide safety.

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