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Protect the Protectors Training

Coming Soon in March 2024

NCOAA developed a training course on the Fire Hero Learning Network with the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) that addresses the most pressing gaps in carbon monoxide safety knowledge in firefighters.

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that is produced during the burning process, putting firefighters like YOU at high risk of CO poisoning and long term effects like heart disease, memory loss, and more.

Firefighters putting a fire out.
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Founded in 1970, Crowcon manufactures world class gas detection, safety, and HVAC products. Crowcon’s vision is to protect people and the environment from dangerous gas hazards by providing both single and multi-gas monitors in both fixed and portable capabilities. If there’s a dangerous gas present, Crowcon has a solution to keep you safe!

UEi equips professionals to keep homes and workplaces safe and comfortable. We are a 2nd generation owned and operated family business in our 70th year. Most UEi products are designed and manufactured in our own ISO 9001 factories and backed by our ISO 17025 Operations Center. UEi is proud to partner with NCOAA and the NFFF to draw attention to the risks of Carbon Monoxide poisoning and to protect those like firefighters who keep our homes and workplaces safe. 

To create a safer, more sustainable world, data and scientific discoveries must be amplified and translated into action. That's what we do at UL Standards & Engagement. Through data analysis, expert testimony, and deliberation, we work to bring members of technical committees into alignment on a common set of safety requirements. Distinguished by our independent research and scientific acumen, we’ve been driving cutting-edge science into practical safety guidance since we developed our first standard for tin-clad fire doors in 1903. Learn more about Safety Science in Action at

StoveTop FireStop works automatically 24/7 to suppress residential cooking fires. Each unit contains a dry powder that is gravity fed onto the fire when activated by sustained flame. Magnetically installs above the stove, easy to maintain, and 6 year effective life! Discount Code: fire25 


The Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association (PGMA) develops and influences safety and performance standards for our industry's products and helps educate consumers and tradespersons on the safe use of portable generators. Our members include major manufacturers of portable generators sold in North America and represent a significant majority of the industry. 

PGMA developed the ANSI/PGMA G300-2018 safety and performance standard, and generators that comply with the standard include safety features requiring carbon monoxide sensing technology to shut the generator off when CO emissions accumulate above a certain level. These generators are widely available from PGMA members and non-members and are over 98% effective at addressing potential CO hazards from misuse. A newly revised version of the standard, ANSI/PGMA G300-2023, includes lowered CO emission shut-off requirements. 

PGMA reminds consumers that the only safe place to use a portable generator is outside and far from any occupied dwelling. Our Take it Outside™ safety campaign provides resources including severe weather preparedness information, fact sheets (in English and Spanish), safety video, public safety toolkit, recreational safety fact sheet, and newly launched “Generate Safety” program geared towards K-12 students. Visit for more information. In addition, PGMA tracks power outages across the country and distributes media alerts and social media posts providing safety messages during crucial times of generator usage.

Thank You to Our Subject Matter Experts

Thank you to everyone who helped develop this important training course.​

Jason Aversano, Covita

Scott Ayers, Consumer Product Safety Commission

Bill Betts, National Volunteer Fire Council
Charles Brevington, Consumer Product Safety Commission
Keith Brower, National Fallen Firefighters Foundation
Christopher Damm, MSOE University and Chris Damm and Associates LLC
Jim Davis, National Comfort Institute
Sean DeCrane, International Association of Fire Fighters
Bill Degnan, National Association of State Fire Marshals
Eric Hagman, National Fallen Firefighters Foundation
Alan Joos, North American Fire Training Directors
Louise Laing, Crowcon 
Charon McNabb, NCOAA 
Drew Neal,  International Association of Fire Fighters
Kelly Ransdell, NFPA 
Kymberly Pashkowsky, MI Prevention 
Mark Pung, NCOAA 
Kevin Sehlmeyer, National Association of State Fire Marshals
John Tippett, National Fallen Firefighters Foundation
Jessica Waddell, NCOAA 
Gary West, National Association of State Fire Marshals
Neal Zipser, KnoxBox 


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